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New Service: Full Service Pick Up, Delivery and Installation

The logistics of moving artworks and mirrors demand careful packaging, transport, and installation, all of which require the expertise of skilled professionals.

The Art and Mirror Hanging Company is delighted to announce that we now provide full art and mirror installation services. We handle your artwork and mirrors with the highest care and attention during the whole moving process, from pick-up to transit to installation.

Why Choose the Art and Mirror Hanging Company?

Here are a few reasons why you should use our professional art moving services.


As a general rule, fragile items like artwork and mirrors should not be moved with other furniture items. We have a 2-tonne van specially suited to transport your precious items.

We employ various methods to preserve your valuables during transport and guarantee their safe arrival. Our staff is also professionally trained in packing and handling different types of artwork.

Maintaining the condition of your property

We take great care to ensure that the artwork and mirrors arrive in pristine condition. Our van is meticulously maintained to ensure that your items arrive without dirt.

We also take extra precautions to make sure that your valuables are not exposed to anything that could cause damage or a reaction during delivery.

Professional installation

Aside from the delicate nature of the art pieces and mirrors, the installation faces further challenges. Lighting knowledge, an assessment of the suitable hanging position, and the relevant expertise are all required.

We consider all of this when planning the placement of artwork and mirrors. To further reduce the possibility of damage, we install the pieces as soon as they arrive.

Taking down your artwork is just as crucial as its reinstallation. You can rely on professional movers to remove, pack, and store your pieces for transport with care.

Pick-up and delivery

Our pick-up services are not limited to specific locations. We can pick up your artwork, mirrors, prints, or photos from the framer or retail store where you bought them and deliver them straight away.

Our delivery services extend to all locations within 100 kilometres of Melbourne.

Having experienced professionals pick up, deliver, and install your artwork and mirrors can give you peace of mind and save you from the costs and damages that come with poor handling.  Our dedicated team at the Art and Mirror Hanging Company makes every effort to provide a safe and efficient delivery.